Business Education Service And Training Unit (Best)

Our Services

The ONICCIMA BEST unit renders a wide range of business development services to members and non-members. These trainings cover several areas including (skills & cognitive), Business Clinic and Business Information Services.
Some of the activities are as follows:

Mentoring Skill Programme

The Entrepreneurship Mentoring Programme is a Corporate Social Responsibility assumed by the chamber. The scheme is such that helps successful business entrepreneurs to become mentors to young and/or potential business owners.

The programme is a big business nursery field were potential business owners are nurtured, trained and equipped with the tools that would enable them succeed in business while developing entrepreneurial mindset in the youths.
Since the inception of this programme, quite a large number of mentees have been graduated and a good number of them are succeeding in their various enterprises.

Dual Vocational Programme

As part of the chamber’s efforts to ensure world class vocational training for youths; a dual vocational training programme that equips the youths with technical/vocational skills from where our industries can fetch from to satisfy their thirst for vocational skills. The programme focuses on Industrial Mechanics, Industrial Electronics, Technical Facility Management and Office Administration.

Developing The Capacity of SMEs

The chamber in its bid to develop the capacities of SMEs has come up with training programmes which are targeted for sectors human capital development. Areas covered include General Management, Marketing Sales, Human Resource, Client Service, Project Management, Workplace Productivity, Quality Assurance in Organisation, Personal Management, Leadership and Corporate Governance, IT Programs including Microsoft Products and Cybercrime, Communications, Research and Business Writing Skills amongst others.
The ONICCIMA has been able to train over a hundred participants since this training programme began hence positioning it as a training institution recognized by the buyers of business development products in Nigeria.


The Chamber enters into a meaningful collaboration with notable international and national organization in an effort to provide entrepreneurial business development skills and services towards the development of a vibrant Small and Medium Enterprises sector.
The Chamber collaborated with the Central Bank of Nigeria to conduct programs like the Micro Small and Medium Enterprises and a research focused study on issues of double taxation. The goal of the study was to understand the challenges with the view to proffer solutions.